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Instant Business Letter Kit - How To Write Business Letters That Get The Job Done - New Web Site Offers Unique How-To Guide Plus "Real-Life Templates" For Writing Business Letters.

A revised edition of this eBook has just been published that offers letter writing templates with high-quality content to help those who are faced with the task of writing business letters. The eBook is called Instant Business Letter Kit (Revised Edition) and it's being touted as "one-of-a-kind". It provides a unique combination of how-to information for writing all kinds of business letters, coupled with over 125 fully-formatted "real-life templates" that users can download into their word processing programs and work with as they choose.

According to the author, Shaun Fawcett, Instant Business Letter Kit provides a high quality alternative to the various Web sites, letter template books, and software programs that currently offer what he refers to as "... bare bones, content-deficient, unformatted, so-called business letter templates", that he says now proliferate the Internet. He states that his Kit stands out as unique among "how to" eBooks for writing business correspondence due to what he calls the "real-life content" in his templates.

"I was amazed when I researched what is already available online and found that the vast majority of business letter writing resources on the Web are focused almost entirely on quantity rather than quality. Some of these sites are offering hundreds of business letter templates, but when you look closely at the actual content, they just don't measure up." stated Fawcett in a recent interview.

"Typically these so-called templates are actually two to three skimpy paragraphs of unformatted generic text. The average business user can't even relate to such unformatted generalizations that are devoid of value-added real-life content." he added.

According to Fawcett, it is imperative that business letter templates be actual "working models" of letters written by professionals for actual real-life situations that one encounters in a day-to-day business context. He says that all of his "real-life templates" are actual "mini case studies" in how to handle the particular situations that are being written about.

Fawcett points out that Instant Business Letter Kit is based on his philosophy that there are just two overall categories of "business letters":
  • Business-to-Business Letters (i.e. other businesses, internal business)
  • Business-to-Customer Letters (i.e. consumers, general public)
"Once you understand that all business letters fall into one of these two broad categories you are already half-way there to improving your business letter writing. Combine that understanding with "real-life templates" and you will be producing the most professional business letters of your life", says Fawcett.

Instant Business Letter Kit, is another in more than a dozen "writing toolkit" eBooks that Fawcett has released in the past number of years. His most well known best seller is titled Instant Recommendation Letter Kit, of which multiple editions have been released over the past decade. The Business Letter Kit eBook continues with the same proven formula, which combines extensive practical how-to information with fully-formatted real-life templates that people can download into their word processor and work with as they please.

Shaun Fawcett is Web Master of two of the most popular writing help websites on the Net: and Every week, thousands of people visit those sites to obtain tips, advice, and resource information for their everyday writing needs including: personal letters, business letters, resumes, cvs, reports, essays, and term papers. His special Web site dedicated to the new eBook is:
Instant Business Letter Kit

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Shaun Fawcett: 1-800-600-6550 (toll-free) or Contact

Members of the media wishing to review the Kit can contact Shaun at the above coordinates.

Features/Benefits Fact Sheet


Here are the Features and Benefits of Instant Business Letter Kit:

  • Owners of the Kit get a comprehensive business letter writing toolkit with over 300 pages of how-to information, tips, tricks, and real-life templates.

  • The Kit includes 89 fully-formatted real-life templates of professionally written business letters that can be downloaded into the owner's word processor.

  • Buyers receive a Bonus Book that includes 27 additional fully-formatted templates of many commonly used business forms and templates which they can also download.

  • Owners learn about the two major categories of business letters, and how understanding those differences improves the quality of their business letters.

  • The Bonus Chapter on "Writing Business Reports" details the author's "7 Key Steps" for writing better business reports, including his personal "report writing secrets".

  • The main Kit includes detailed sample layouts of the 5 most popular formats used for the proper layout of business letters.

  • The Kit explains the differences between a business letter and a business memorandum and provides a fully-formatted template of a business memo.

  • Owners learn about the 9 most important guidelines to follow when formatting a business letter or memo.

  • The author divulges his "6 secret tricks" for keeping 97% of business letters and memos on one page, even when the first draft overflows onto a second page.

  • The Kit details the 8 most critical overall strategic "tips and tricks" to use for writing effective business letters and memos.

  • A special writing style chapter provides a list of over 125 commonly used redundant words and phrases, and gives alternatives with which to replace them.

  • The style chapter includes a list of over 40 transition words and phrases that will improve business letter writing, and gives "how to" examples.

  • The Kit includes the author's personal "Top 20 List" of recommended business writing reference resources.

  • The Kit also includes the author's fully-researched "Top 50 List" of hyperlinks to online resources, services, and tools for writing business letters.

  • If the owner of the Kit can't find a template to cover their writing need, the author of the Kit will write one for them.


Shaun Fawcett is a Canadian-based writer, business consultant, journalist, and publisher. Over the past two and one-half decades, he has worked in a wide variety of professional capacities in both the private and public sectors. He earned his M.B.A. in 1996 through the University of Ottawa's Executive MBA Program.

Shaun has published many magazine articles on subjects ranging from business, to sports and entertainment. His recent book "Internet Basics without fear! (Revised Edition)" is available in bookstores across North America and worldwide through He also owns and operates the Montreal-based firm, Final Draft! Business Consulting and Communications.

Shaun's most popular "writing help" eBooks include:

Instant Home Writing Kit    Instant Home Writing Kit
Instant Business Letter Kit    Instant Business Letter Kit
Instant Recommendation Letter Kit   Instant Recommendation Letter Kit
Instant Letter Writing Kit   Instant Letter Writing Kit
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Shaun maintains a popular blog named "The Write Place". Tens of thousands of people have also taken his various acclaimed free e-mail-delivered writing courses that are available for sign-up at any of his websites.

In addition to the writing toolkit sites listed above, Fawcett is also Webmaster of two popular writing help websites; and Every week, thousands of people from over two hundred countries visit those sites to obtain tips, advice, and resource information on their everyday writing needs including: personal letters, business letters, resumes, cvs, reports, essays, and term papers.

Shaun's ongoing mission is to develop writing and "how to" tools for the every day needs of the average person. The philosophy behind all of his writing and publishing activities is the same: "...everyone, no matter what they do or where they come from, should be able to benefit from the power of the written word in their everyday life."

Contact Information:
Shaun Fawcett, M.B.A.
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Montreal, QC, Canada
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  12. The news release states that the Bonus Book "Business Forms and Templates" will save people time and money. Could you please explain this?

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